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Learning Center
Our Learning Center provides programming for disadvantaged individuals and families which fosters opportunities for access to mainstream forms of education and develops possibilities for community involvement.

Our vision is that individuals who come to our organization are provided with the access to education that they need to move beyond their current circumstances. Individuals may come to us through the local community, our shelter system or other routes but will all leave empowered.
The Learning Center provides Fall and Winter classes for the local community.  Typical classes offered include: Spanish, Creative Writing, Painting, Ceramics, and Stained Glass.

The Learning Center also organizes community activities throughout the year and facilitates programming for children in the summer and winter. Please, contact us if you would like a class schedule or information about up-coming activities.

Additionally, the Learning Center organizes yearly group trips to HOME's sister community in Guatemala.  We accept people from the community and fundraising is done to support low income individuals who may want to participate.  If you are interested please contact us for more information.