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HOME relies on your continued donations to provide services to those most in need!
Sawmill & Shingle Mill
  Thanks for all the help!
Our Sawmill roof collapsed under the weight of snow and ice at the end of 2014.
We were out of operation until we got the whole building rebuilt. 
The old sawmill was a steel I-beam truss building with metal roof! 

Sawmill                      Sawmill roof

In the interest of keeping construction and repair costs as low as possible, HOME operates our own sawmill, shingle mill, and wood shop.  We employ a full time sawyer as well as a full time shingle mill worker.  When rehabilitating or repairing houses, we use as much of our own resources as possible.  Our mills also produce lumber to sell, which helps support the community.
We sell rough green pine and spruce 2x stock, 4x4s, and 6x6s.  Price for these is a fair market price per board foot up to 12 inches wide, above 12 inches pricing will vary.  We occasionally have hard wood in stock, call for pricing and availablitity.

 Our shingle mill sells cedar shingles at a very fair price.
 Call us for details and available grades.
(Cedar shingles require four bundles per square.)