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HOME relies on your continued donations to provide services to those most in need!

installing trusses
Framing the roof

Thrift Stores & Bakery
  Bargain Barn,  Abby's Attic & Bakery
New Bargain Barn
  Opened in August  2016

Ellsworth American story

Josh's Bargain Barn Facebook page
New Bargain Barn Thrift Store

old Bargain Barn debris
Debris from our old Bargain Barn
Our Bargain Barn thrift stores is now open:
Mon, Wed, Fri, and Saturday   10 to 4
The new, improved building is right on Schoolhouse Road next to our Office/Learning Center complex.  Our new Bargain Barn provides the community with a random assortment of items from kitchen utensils to skiing equipment.
      The inventory is dependent on donations from the community.

      Families and individuals who enter our shelters are given clothing and other items from the Bargain Barn free of charge. 

New BB walls
New Bargain Barn walls going up!
roof trusses

The roof trusses are on the new
Bargain Barn!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made this possible and all who are supporting our efforts.

Abbey's Attic display area
Abby's Attic and Bakery located at 986 Acadia Hwy, East Orland provides a more organized assortment of items.  Books, mugs, furniture, and clothing line the walls.

Additionally, the Bakery provides fresh baked goods daily.  Come enjoy some delicious breads and browse the shelves. 

Hours: Same as the East Orland Post Office  
Phone: 207-469-7575