"We must realize the truth of ourselves. . .We are one human family. One part of the other.  My old workhorse Teddy and the fancy registered horse visiting us had no trouble eating out of the same dish.  We must discover the same."  -Lucy Poulin

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Julia Demaree - Julia attempts to provide a hospitable environment where the smallest of creative impulses are encouraged to grow and take form.  The "environment" includes our studio and the people that come to work there.  It sits inside a small cottage with a porch and facilitates an open space for art tables and creative stations.  Julia retired to Maine from her homeless ministry in Harlem, NY.  She brings an expertise in this work and is the visionary founder of Souls in Motion, Harlem.

The Wood shop serves as a wreath and centerpiece making space for part of the year. When it is not being used for wreath production it is used to recycle and repurpose wood products. Stop in to H.O.M.E.’s Craft Store to find cutting boards and wood products crafted by local wood workers.

Rosalani Moore - Rosa began her study of pottery and sculpture as a child.  At 16, employed by Round Tree Pottery in Panama City, Florida, she developed her skills further.  She continued her studio arts training under Hiro Tashima and after returning to Maine, attended workshops at Haystack Mountain School of crafts.  Rosa has shared her knowledge both as a witness to poverty and talented potter by holding pottery classes for underserved children and adults at H.O.M.E. since 2010.


HOME's Community Pottery Studio offers classes by appointment. Classes for the general public are $40 for four hours and classes to shelter residents are free of charge. Apprentice opportunities are also available. FMI call 207 469 7961 and ask for Rosalani Moore. The studio offers opportunities for shelter residents and community members to learn the craft at their own pace. We find that having this activity available can be a form of therapy. Often the feel of clay and the process of creation helps individuals step back and meditate, which can help them remain focused through the difficulty of transitioning out of homelessness.


Roxanne Poulin - Roxanne has been working in the art of stained glass for more than 30 years.  She began studying and working in stained glass while living in Friedbert, Germany.  Her work includes glass fusing, slumping, mosaic, lead came and copper foil techniques.  Her unique works often incorporate re-purposed materials such as sea glass, shells and antique silverware.

Take a tour of H.O.M.E.’s Sawmills to see how milling traditions remain strong. Our shingle mill takes the raw log and reduces it to a shake or shingle product. H.O.M.E.’s cedar shingles are still cut by hand – the same way they were cut 30 years ago. Other roofing trends have come and gone, but there’s something to be said for the longevity of cedar siding and roofing and its production. Stop by to visit Clint Clagett, H.O.M.E.’s longtime sawyer who has worked around cedar for more than two decades. If you’d like to see the mills in action please call for a demonstration. If you want to purchase cedar shingles or lumber be sure to call the office.

Our stitchery department, hidden away above our craft store, has offered unique sewn items such as potholders and quilts for many years.

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