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Homeworkers Organized for More Employment

Celebrating 47 years of "Serving First Those Who Suffer Most"

h.o.m.e. Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity that relies on your support and contributions to fulfill our missions.


Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 our friend and constant collaborator Sister Marie Ahern passed away due to complications following heart surgery.

Marie was a true companion to HOME and she will be missed greatly by all of us here.

R.I.P. Sister Marie

Bonnie & Marie

Bonnie Smith-Williams and Sr. Marie Ahern

Memorial Garden Spring Flowers

Summer 2014
Summer of 2014

Summer Glads

 Memorial Garden at he end of Summer

Video of Sr. Marie reading two poems at Ed's memorial service (20Mb .wmv)

Youtube video of Sr. Marie reading two poems at Ed's memorial service

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We hope the weather will be easier on wreath makers this coming year!

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We need your tax deductible donations of money, clothes, vehicles, food, antiques, etc.

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h.o.m.e. works hard to ensure life's basic necessities:


gardens and food banks

potter's hands

Learning Center

This Time

2009 - 2013

Emmaus Water Rights poster






See information about our sister Emmaus communities around the world!

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Homeworkers Organized for More Employment

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We continually need donations of good stuff for our bargain outlets, our shelters,
our next auction, for our sister community in Guatemala or for our own needs.

Please help us support our sister Emmaus community
and help rebuild the villages destroyed by hurricane!
ruined house
See pictures of the devastation and our mission trips to the
Emmaus Community in Guatemala

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..."First Serve Those Who Suffer Most"

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Catalog of Maine Made Crafts

A brief History of H.O.M.E.

Norwegian Fjords and Great Pyrenees

Information for Volunteers and Volunteer Work Groups

Slide Show of Trips to Emmaus Guatemala

From Greenhouse to Food Bank Programs at h.o.m.e.

Giant Benefit Auction: We are accepting tax-deductible donations of auction items

St. Francis Press:   St. Francis Press is the publishing department of h.o.m.e.-emmaus

Emmaus International: "Serve First Those Who Suffer Most"

Thanks to all of You who have donated to our Christmas for Children:
Here's some pictures from our annual party for kids! And thanks to Santa ...

Web Sites of some of our Friends and Neighbors:
    In Orland:

Community Radio WERU, the voice of many voices

      Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust:  www.greatpondtrust.org/

... in Maine:

     The Aroostook Episcopal Cluster:   taec.homestead.com

     The Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine: www.peacectr.org/

Peace through Interamerican Community Action: www.pica.ws/

     Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods (MAIN)

    ... and in the World:

                  Int'l Logo   Emmaus International
Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza City, Palestine

       The Bruderhof Communities:   Plough Publishing


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