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Photo by Evangelical Reformed UCC volunteers, July'09

"Serve First Those Who Suffer Most"

Watch the videos and slide show presentations
from some of our volunteer groups:

St. Luke's Parish, Barrington RI
Centre Congregational Church, Lynnfield MA

Newman Congregational Church, RI

North Madison Congregational Church

Watch the videos and slide show presentations
from some of our volunteer groups:

First Congregational Church of Shrewsbury
 ORUCC from Wisconsin

Centre Congregational Church, Lynnfield 2014

Learn the h.o.m.e. song written by
Maine singer/songwriter Wendell Austin:

 "Make Yourself At Home"

Or write and sing your own song about h.o.m.e.
"h.o.m.e. is a place ..."

Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities -
One Month to One Year
(shelter and meals provided; must be 21 years or older)
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needs your help!

There are lots of ways to get involved with h.o.m.e. We depend on volunteers who spend anywhere from a few hours a month to a few years working on a variety of projects.

Volunteers participate in a number of capacities:

Volunteers can work on any of the projects h.o.m.e. takes part in. Many of the long-term volunteers come to learn a specific skill, such as weaving, or how to work with draft horses. Some of them come to share a skill they have, such as teaching or carpentry.

Map of h.o.m.e.

What do volunteers do?

The World
needs your help, too!
Right to Water

    Help Emmaus-International provide water to dry villages around the world! 

h.o.m.e. is

"Make Yourself At Home"

What is St. Francis Community?

Long-term volunteers live at St. Francis Community, a group of people who have come together to share in work, shelter, food, and worship.

St. Francis Community is on the 350-acre Mandala farm, located five miles from h.o.m.e. on Toddy Pond. The farm consists of Norwegian fjord horses, cashmere goats, chickens, an organic garden, wood harvesting activities, and seven homes for members of the community.

During the week, we volunteer our time and labor at h.o.m.e.
On Saturdays, we work, at the farm (from 8:00 a.m. until midday). Sunday is a ‘day of rest."

Community suppers take place on Mondays and Thursdays.
Every weekday, breakfast and prayer take place at 7:00 a.m.
Lunches are served at the h.o.m.e. soup kitchen during the week.
For all other meals, volunteers are on their own.

Every weekday, a vehicle leaves the farm at 7:30 a.m. to go to h.o.m.e., and returns at 4:00 p.m.
It often make stops at the local store and post office on the way home.
Some volunteers choose to bring their own vehicles, though it is not necessary.

What is the land trust?

Many of our volunteers work on house construction during their stay.
The homes are built as part of the Covenant Community Land Trust (CCLT).
Usually over 50% of the construction of each home is completed by volunteers, some of whom never picked up a hammer before arriving at h.o.m.e.

The land is held in perpetuity by the CCLT, and low-income families purchase the homes.
The land trust homeowners are encouraged to use the land in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
Since its formation CCLT and h.o.m.e. have built more than 40 homes.

The land trust offers an opportunity for home ownership to many low-income families who currently have no option except renting.

For more information, or to sign up to be a volunteer, please contact:

Gina Kirwin
Volunteer Coordinator
h.o.m.e. Inc.
PO Box 10
Orland ME 04472
(207) 469-7961

E-mail us at: volunteer e-mail

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