The h.o.m.e. community is mourning the loss of more dear friends and colleagues.
In 2016 we have lost two much-beloved long-time members:

Margaret Corcoran
Margaret "Maggie" Corcoran
Aug. 18, 1946 — Oct 16, 2016

Mark Levesque
Mark Levesque
Nov. 8, 1959 — May 15, 2016
Friend & Colleague for many years. 

in office
Mark & kids
with cat
with Bonnie
on mower
with Tommy

Margaret Corcoran's
Obituary and service arrangements

and we still miss Sr. Marie Ahern, Bonnie Williams and Jo Barry every day!

Jo had retired some years ago and was in a nursing home.   Bonnie was been an active leader at h.o.m.e. and served on the shelter committee until her death.
 Bonnie had been dealing with lung cancer for years, but a fungal infection sapped her strength. 
Bonnie with her grandcildren

Bonnie at the podium with Sr. Marie

Jo Barry and her sister Rita Ledwith

Bonnie's birthday party

And a few years back ..

Paul, Marie, Bonnie in Denmark

Marie & Bonnie on a well-earned weekend vacation

Barbara & Glenn Larson

Another retired h.o.m.e. member who died recently
is Barbara Larson of Brooksville, Maine.
Barbara was an active member of the h.o.m.e. community,
especially the Rural Education Program.

We are also mourning the tragic death of Denise Shuck
who was a resident in our women's shelter.
Denise was killed in an automobile accident.


No more troubles,

No more sorrows,

No more struggles day to day,

No more worries 'bout tomorrow,

No more stones along the way.

Here we grieve and shed some teardrops,

We might wish you were still here.

When we wake at night and realize

You're gone, we're gripped by fear.

You were always there to run to

With our troubles and our joys.

Everyone could count on Bonnie,

Men and women, girls and boys.

You would always bring us comfort,

Give advice and offer aid.

You were wise and gave compassion

For mistakes we often made.

So Bonnie now your trials are done

And we are left alone.

Well done thou faithful servant”

God will welcome you to His home.

He knew that you were weary,

Your work on Earth was o'er.

He waited near the Crystal Sea

As you crossed to the promised shore.

So Bonnie, we are saddened

That we've reached the time to part,

But we loved you and you'll always

Live in each and every heart.

For all of us who loved you

And were touched by your inner light,

We'll keep a spark of Bonnie's love

To guide us through the night.

          — Twila

Memorial services at the Wayside Chapel of St. Francis at h.o.m.e.

P.O. Box 10
Orland, Maine 04472
tel: 207-469-7961 fax: 207-469-1023

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