"We must realize the truth of ourselves. . .We are one human family. One part of the other.  My old workhorse Teddy and the fancy registered horse visiting us had no trouble eating out of the same dish.  We must discover the same."  -Lucy Poulin

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What looks to be a barn full of cast off clothing and household goods is really a gallery of furniture, clothing, household utensils, books and seasonal necessities available to the public at a much-reduced price. The Bargain Barn generates a small income for H.O.M.E. but the real payoff is the happy faces of those who find something within their budget that they really need or want. For those in the deepest need we provide clothing and the essentials for living free and graciously. The Bargain Barn is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Bargain Barn is always eager to accept donations from the public during business hours.




In the beginning, Art and Craft studios at H.O.M.E. were developed as a means for low-income families to augment their income. Residents produced items in the studios or at their homes to sell in H.O.M.E.’s craft store. From maple syrup to potholders, there is something for everybody. H.O.M.E.’s Craft Store is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Consignment Crafting available.


H.O.M.E.’s garden department has three greenhouses as well as four separate gardens located throughout H.O.M.E.’s campus. The garden department participates in local farmer’s markets throughout the spring, summer, and fall months as well as selling canned items and finished products at the winter fairs. Millie Grimes and Lisa Tenney work diligently to make our gardens thrive.


Every holiday season H.O.M.E. ships wreaths all over the United States to raise money to keep our homeless shelters warm through the winter months. H.O.M.E. offers a couple choices of wreaths and centerpieces. Our wreaths are first quality 22” double-faced wreaths made of fresh balsam fir. They are available either undecorated or fully decorated with red velvet ribbon, pine cones, and berries. We buy the wreaths from community members in the tradition of the Craft Store supplying another outlet for locals to sell their handcrafts. Our centerpieces are hand crafted at H.O.M.E., using fresh greens: Balsam, Cedar, and Pine. The centerpieces are available either as a single (one candle) or as a triple (three candles) with cones, berries and ribbons to complement the arrangement. The centerpieces are available with either the traditional red berries, candles and ribbon, or our winter feature which includes; white ribbon, frosted cones and white candles. Below is this year’s order form for wreaths and centerpieces.


Take a tour of H.O.M.E.’s Sawmills to see how milling traditions remain strong. Our shingle mill takes the raw log and reduces it to a shake or shingle product. H.O.M.E.’s cedar shingles are still cut by hand – the same way they were cut 30 years ago. Other roofing trends have come and gone, but there’s something to be said for the longevity of cedar siding and roofing and its production. Stop by to visit Clint, H.O.M.E.’s longtime sawyer who has worked around cedar for more than two decades. If you’d like to see the mills in action please call for a demonstration. If you want to purchase cedar shingles or lumber be sure to call the office.


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