"We must realize the truth of ourselves. . .We are one human family. One part of the other.  My old workhorse Teddy and the fancy registered horse visiting us had no trouble eating out of the same dish.  We must discover the same."  -Lucy Poulin

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The Volunteer Program uses H.O.M.E.’s basic philosophy of people helping people through sharing and cooperation. We welcome volunteers who are willing to reach out and touch the lives of others through a sharing of work and self-giving.


H.O.M.E.’s volunteer needs revolve around the seasons. In the summer there are group opportunities in construction and building repair, painting indoors and out, landscaping and the splitting and stacking of firewood.


In the Fall one can help with the printing, folding and mailing of our bi-annual appeal, writing a story for the fall newsletter, pitching in with the Backpack Program by either donating or sorting supplies and the splitting and stacking of firewood.


As the winter months approach, Wreath Season brings the chance to participate in our largest fundraiser by decorating wreaths to ship around the country or creating a beautiful centerpiece that will be mailed as a gift, helping to prepare a meal in our soup kitchen for the holidays and the splitting and stacking of firewood.


The rejuvenation that comes with Spring brings about another appeal for donations and newsletter, after winter repairs/touch-ups of the campus and the splitting and stacking of firewood.


H.O.M.E. is happy to have volunteer teachers, artists and crafters who are willing to share their knowledge and skill with others during all seasons..


Volunteering at H.O.M.E. can fulfill community service and student service hours.


H.O.M.E.’s Volunteer Coordinator may be reached at programcoordinator@homeincme.org or by calling 207-469-7961 ext 106 all year long except November and December.


We are a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fund raisers, exciting community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.

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