What is Diversion?

Diversion is a strategy that prevents homelessness for people seeking shelter by helping them identify immediate alternate housing arrangements and, if necessary, connecting them with services and financial assistance to help them retain/return to permanent housing. Diversion utilizes a number of familiar homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing
If your family is currently housed but in danger of experiencing homelessness within 14 days, please call our Diversion Specialist at 207-469-7961 extension 114 during business hours. Our Diversion Specialist will speak to you about what issues you are facing and determine whether or not your issue can be resolved with diversion intervention. Please note that Diversion is used for emergency issues and not for long-term problems.

What is the Family Homeless Outreach Program?

The Homeless Family Support Worker is a central contact within our organization to map and locate families who are experiencing homelessness, i.e. staying in cars or tents. 
Mapping includes a coordinated effort with providers, RSU’s and municipalities to locate families who are unsheltered. The program develops relationships linking people to resources and services to transition them from literal homelessness into housing compatible with their needs. It links directly with Diversion and at the same time provides for people’s most basic needs to ensure health and survival while they are experiencing homelessness.”
If you are a provider, neighbor or community member and know of a family experiencing homelessness, please have them contact the Homeless Family Support Worker at 207-469-7961 extension 114. They will immediately begin outreach to the family enabling them to bypass shelters and go directly into housing. 

Different ways Diversion may help