If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

H.O.M.E., Inc. was founded in 1970 by Sr. Lucy Poulin (pictured with a group of young volunteers) and other community members. In the beginning, handcraft studios were created as a means for low-income families in rural Hancock County to earn extra income through hard Maine winters. Community members produced items from their homes to sell at the Craft Store which is located on H.O.M.E.’s 23-acre site in Orland and that program continues on today. Now, more than 50 years later, needs of local citizens have led to programs of service tailored to respond in positive and effective outcomes, i.e. shelters for those experiencing homelessness, affordable daycare, organic gardens, a food pantry and soup kitchen, plus programs to support a house construction and repair effort that has built 53 homes for low-income families.

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Program Numbers 2022

Shelter and Housing

  • 9780 bed nights provided – 202 guests were sheltered
  • Dorr House Men’s Shelter – 23 guests – 39% exited to permanent housing
  • Sister Marie House – 43 guests – 16% exited to permanent housing
  • St. Francis Inn – 49 guests – 24% exited to permanent housing
  • Emmaus Homeless Shelter – 87 guests – 22% exited to permanent housing
  • 10 households provided hotel rooms
  • 18 households housed in H.O.M.E.’s rental units.
  • 48 individuals diverted from homelessness.
  • 48 days average shelter stay. 

Food and Resources

  • 71 children provided with backpacks and school supplies
  • 459 individuals received Christmas gifts
  • 16 unduplicated daycare enrollments – 1 subsidies provided
  • Food boxes distributed to 1976 individuals across 721 families
  • 171 families received Thanksgiving food boxes
  • 73 families received Christmas food boxes
  • 118,180 pounds of food rescued and distributed
  •  448 individuals received assistance with linens, hygiene supplies, and household supplies
  • 20 families received heat assistance in the form of firewood
  • 85 quilts made for shelter guests

Become a Volunteer

H.O.M.E. provides volunteer opportunities in many departments. From sorting donations to stacking firewood there is something for every skill level here at H.O.M.E., Inc.