Our Mission

H.O.M.E. Craft Studios offer opportunities for guests and community members to engage in recreational and therapeutic arts and crafts. Surrounding our Craft Store are small studios where folks can experience lessons in creating pottery, stained glass items, sewing and any type of art of which they can think. Our studios have a multitude of purposes including: learning a new skill, enjoying the company of others in a neutral environment, a place to enjoy quiet activities and creating crafts that can be sold in our Craft Store. All guests of our shelters who craft items to be sold in the Craft Store receive 100% of the proceeds.

Our Artists

Rosalani Moore


Roxanne Poulin

Stained Glass

Julia Demaree

Living Arts

Lisa Tenney


Each Studio and Artist run on a schedule of their own. Call 469-7961 and press 0 for the Front Office and they will connect you with the program you are interested in.